Students Post Ingenious Photos Of Cost Cutting Gadgets They’ve Made

vodBored Panda

Students are notorious for trying to save money and coming up with cost cutting ideas – and it seems the bar has been raised.

Various people posted images of their ways to save cash online when it comes to DIY fixes, using every day items to solve their issues.

The amazing pictures were posted on, and range from fixes for a car to household items, and even some cooking suggestions – that are outside the box to say the very least.

While you might not want to shower using a 7-up bottle, or cook a pizza on an iron, the ideas are certainly creative, and if you’ve spent all your monthly budget on tequila, it might just be worth a try.

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The posts have been shared more than a quarter of a million times, and given how bizarre they are – not to mention oddly useful – it’s not a shock.

Amazing stuff.