Students’ Union Bans Mexican Sombreros From Freshers’ Fair For Being ‘Racist’



I never thought I’d say this, but it’s happened – political correctness has actually gone mad. absolutely batshit insane.

The University of East Anglia’s Student Union banned a Mexican restaurant from giving out sombreros at their Freshers’ Fair because they might be considered ‘racist’.

Pedro’s restaurant were handing out the hats to new students, but were asked to stop. UEA students’ union campaigns and democracy officer Chris Jarvis stood by the decision, saying the union wants everyone to feel safe and accepted. Apparently the hats might be considered symbols of racism.

He said:

At the fair, all our stallholders were sent a copy of our advertising policy prior to the event and were also given a physical copy of the policy on the day, so we’re confident that all stallholders should have been aware of our restrictions on advertising in relation to equal opportunities and cultural appropriation.

Pedro’s also released a statement:

Our restaurant is decorated with items brought back by our founders from all over the world, including sombreros which have been part of our service for over 20 years.

These are traditional dress and, as a Mexican restaurant, in no way are we disparaging Mexican culture, only celebrating it. We would never intend any negative message to be taken from our hats.

And the general reaction from the public was confusion as to why sombreros were offensive.


And to top it off, Richard Maudslay, chairman of the British Mexican Society, told The Independent:

These are not ‘funny hats’ in Mexico but are a part of national costume which are worn in several contexts, including traditional Mexican rodeos (charreria) and musicians (mariachis) and are sold to visitors from all over the world.

No Mexican we know would oppose these being given out by a restaurant trying to attract people to savour Mexican cuisine.

Yep. Political correctness is currently wandering around the park with its pants down and a tin foil hat on its head.