Study Finds Loads Of Graduates Aren’t Getting Professional Jobs After Uni


Research by the government’s Higher Education Funding Council For England (HEFCE) has found that there are still graduates who years after leaving uni, have not found work related to their degree.

The study revealed that three and a half years after graduating, a massive 20% of students were in jobs that had nothing to do with their initial degree.

The graduates were in admin jobs, sales and customer service roles, which while respectable employment, do make you question why they wasted thousands of pounds on doing a degree.

It also begs the question just why there aren’t opportunities open to them.

Of course, if one fifth of graduates do not have jobs relating to their degree, it means that four fifths do, which is at least something.

The study also showed that alarmingly, only 66% of black graduates had professional employment after 40 months, highlighting a worrying divide in ethnicities and employment.