Study Finds Money As Biggest Cause Of Stress And Skin Problems

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A new study has found money trouble is the biggest stress trigger in the UK, which leads to breakouts of skin complaints.

Furthermore, young adults aged 18-34 in the UK, who are burdened with student debt, are more than twice as likely to suffer from problem skin as a result of financial anxiety when compared to older generations.

The study, which spoke to 2,000 adults, also discovered having more than 14.5 years of bad skin in a lifetime is now the norm.

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The study was conducted by skincare brand Garnier PureActive, whose Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Justine Kluk, said:

From money worries to work woes, stress has a proven negative impact on our skin.

It alters the immune functions of the skin which may lead to increased oil production, pore-clogging and bacteria-causing breakouts.

It also impacts our emotions, sleep, the dietary choices we make and likelihood to touch our skin. All of these further trigger spots and flare-ups.

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Over one in five adults complain of anxiety problems more than once a day, with money worries named as the most common reason for poor skin. This is closely followed by concerns regarding work and the health of yourself and loved ones.

Those who fall into the younger age bracket of 18-34-year-olds (where student loans are a constant factor) stress about money an average of about 5.6 times a week when compared to 35-year-olds and older who stress about money on average about 3.6 times a week, with 53 per cent experiencing more spots and blemishes when stressed.

To combat this outbreak of stress-related skin problems, Garnier PureActive is launching their biggest ever monetary giveaway which will run until June 5; where they pledge to pay off £50k of student loan debt for one fortunate person, helping to benefit both their pocket and skin health.

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The winner will be randomly selected to have their existing student loan paid off up to the value of £50,000.

Charlotte Blanchard, General Manager for Garnier UK & Ireland, said:

For a large majority of us, money stresses can exacerbate problem skin.

At Garnier PureActive we have a responsibility to address the nation’s skin troubles in new and innovative ways.

In addition to our range of products designed specifically to help tackle skin concerns and breakouts in adults, we’ll be going a step further to support our consumers, by paying off one lucky person’s student loan.

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To enter, customers need to spend at least £5 on Garnier PureActive products in Boots stores before June 5 this year and register their purchase online.

Imagine not having a student loan hanging over your head, it would bring a smile to your face no matter how greasy your complexion is!

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