Study Shows Most Women Are Scared To Poo At Work


poo work

We’ve all been there.

You’re sat at your desk in the office, and all you want to do is get up and go for a poo.

Well while some people are happy to do just that, a study done by VoucherCodesPro claimed that most British women won’t actually use the office toilets for a poo.

That’s in comparison to 89% of workers who are happy to urinate in the toilets.

poo work3Miss Pinky Hairspot

The poll asked 2,384 British women, who were over 18, with 43% stating that they won’t use to loo for a poo at work – but the rest of people admitted to doing so on a regular basis.

According to 37% of the people who won’t poo at work, the reason was that they are too scared of the smell – and the fact that their colleagues might hear them.

A further 9% claimed they were actually too busy to poo at work – which seems doubtful given they probably spend half their time on Facebook sat at their desk anyway.