Stunning GTA V Graphics Mod Now Available, Here’s What It Looks Like


Could this be considered overkill? GTA V – already a gorgeous open world game – just got even more beautiful thanks to an incredible new mod. 

GTA V Redux was the work of one talented individual – Josh Romito. The ambitious mod overhauls the game’s visuals, and adds a new weather system, 4K textures, visual effects, and plenty more.

In cases like this, it really is best to let the images speak for themselves…

3131909-gta4 3131908-gta3 3131907-gta2 3131906-gta

Beyond simply enhancing the appearance of the game though, GTA V Redux goes much further, working to tweak elements of the actual gameplay.

Among other things, you can expect changes to the wanted system, and weapons, adjustments to vehicle handling, and police/pedestrian behaviour.

Check out the below video from YouTube channel Ocean Powell to see the mod in action and get a run down of what’s what.

If you want a taste of this sweet mod pie, you’ll first need to ensure you have a clean install (no existing mods). If you get that sorted, just head to this page for instructions on how to get Redux working.

Of course, be careful downloading from sources you don’t know or trust.