Stunt Woman’s Head Crushed By Car During Wall Of Death Stunt


A young stunt woman was left with horrific injuries when a car ran over her face during a nightmare Wall of Death accident.

Shivani Gajbhiye was balancing on the edge of a car door as it raced around the vertical wall at a fair in Kalyan, western India.

As the car reached the top of the wall, the 20-year-old daredevil fell off and became trapped on safety railing.

Warning: Graphic content

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Shocking video footage shows Shivani hanging head down over the track before just being missed by a motorcyclist riding in the same show.

However, as the car she was riding comes round for a second lap, it hits her in the face.

Shivani is then seen briefly swinging from the railing by her legs before she falls to the ground, severely injured, as people rush to help her.


Shivani is being treated for serious injuries at Ved hospital in Kalyan.

Locals said the car driver, Shehnaz Ahmed, owns the show and could not have stopped the vehicle without it going out of control.

Police said they are unable to interview Shivani until her medical condition is stable.