Subway Employee Battered And Knifed In Face ‘Because Toilet Was Out Of Order’

Shocking attack on Subway worker.SWNS

A young Subway employee was beaten unconscious by teenage customers after informing them the toilet was out of order.

21-year-old Ben Pearson from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire had been nearing the end of his shift at the sandwich shop chain on November 10, when he was kicked to the floor. His face was also slashed with a knife.

The attackers were two boys believed to be around the age of 16, with the attack taking place outside the front doors of the fast food place in Newport Pagnell.

According to Ben, the incident began when the boys asked his colleague to ask to use the toilet. They became aggressive when the colleague explained that they couldn’t.

Ben stepped in to explain why the toilet facilities were out of order, but was told, ‘Shut up you autistic p***k. Come outside, you’re so lucky there’s camera in here’.

Ben has claimed the attackers then waited outside for him to leave the store, explaining:

About four kids came over to me but it was only two of them that actually done something to me.

They just started beating me up and stamping on my head.

I remember I was saying stop, stop and then I blacked out and when I came back they were still going I thought ‘oh my gosh’ I thought they’d never stop.

It seemed to go on for ever and there was nothing I could do – because I kept going unconscious I didn’t know what was happening.

They just kept smashing my head into the ground, they had Timberland boots on as well.

According to Ben, one of the attackers was Somalian, wearing a navy coloured Puma track suit and Timberland boots. The other attacker was mixed race and wore a black band on his head. The teenagers took off after heroic members of the public rushed over to help.

Horrifying attack at Subway store.SWNS

Emergency services were contacted and Ben, left partially blind in one eye with a split eyebrow, was taken by ambulance to Milton Keynes Accident and Emergency hospital.

Here, Ben – who was experiencing blackouts as a result of his ordeal – had his injuries tended to with eyebrow glue and butterfly stitches. He was also checked over for any broken bones.

Ben said:

When doctors saw me they thought I had broken eye socket and jaw I looked so bad but when they done the x-ray they found no nothing broken thankfully.

It feels like I have got motion sickness, it feels like when you have got your eye shut in the car and you get that sick feeling.

The hospital think I have been sliced with a razor of some sort or a knife because they said I have the perfect slice on my face which could only have been done with a clean blade.

Ben has also praised those who came to his assistance during his ordeal:

I would really like to say thank you to the 14-year-old girl that stepped in when nobody else was there and managed to retrieve my phone and my keys. In my eyes she needs a reward.

It could take Ben over one month to recover. Once the swelling has cleared up, he will also have to undergo another check up for his blurred vision.

Ben is currently waiting for officers to update him on the case. He now wishes to place a personal appeal in the hope someone has seen the boys who attacked him.

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