Subway Worker Goes Viral After Quitting In Dramatic Phone Call

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Subway Worker Goes Viral After Quitting In Dramatic Phone Call
Subway Worker Goes Viral After Quitting In Dramatic Phone Call (@avathynne/TikTok)

A video of a Subway worker quitting her job at the popular sandwich chain in a storage closet has gone viral on TikTok.

In the video, Ava (@avathynne) is wearing her Subway uniform while speaking to presumably her manager on the phone.

Since posting, the video - which opens with a voiceover saying 'I quit my job and my friend filmed it all' - has over 1.2 million likes.



'I am taking this the wrong way, I am, I am offended and I'm hurt. I'd like you to understand that today is going to be my last day', Ava can be heard saying in the footage.

The video then cuts to further in the conversation, with Ava saying 'you're asking me what the problem is, I know you can't deal with it, I know you can't deal with it, clearly because you can't even respond to me and say 'hey sorry about this we'll talk about it tomorrow' you can't even say that'.

Subway worker quits (@avathynne/TikTok)
Subway worker quits (@avathynne/TikTok)

Ava then comments on how she opens the store for the chain and that she doesn't think she's being treated fairly.

'So who am I? What am I to you? Because I open your store every day and then you treat me like this. No we're not speaking about it tomorrow, I'm done, I'm done', she says.

Ava then proceeds to bring up her pay, claiming she gets 'paid sh*t and I get treated sh*t'.

As the video continues, we also learn that there seems to have been a dispute between Ava and the person on the end of the phone about wearing masks.

Subway worker quits (@avathynne/TikTok)
Subway worker quits (@avathynne/TikTok)

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She says, 'I wear my mask but no, just because one time I had it down because a customer couldn't hear me, I get all the blame.

'I'm wearing my mask every day, I wear it every single day and I don't breathe and I sweat and I get pimples and acne from these stupid f*cking masks, that I wear every day for you'.

Ava ends the call by saying 'thank you for nothing'.


People have responded to the video, praising Ava for standing up for herself, with one user saying 'good on you for standing up for yourself!', while another commented 'when she has more manager skills than the manager'.

Subway hasn't spoken out about the video at the time of writing.

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