Suge Knight Has Made A Huge Allegation Against Dr. Dre

Nick Ut/PA

Suge Knight has claimed in legal documents that Dr. Dre tried to have him murdered in 2014.

The papers were filed by Knight’s lawyer, Thaddeus Culpepper, and allege a conspiracy between Dre and the police allowed for a hitman to enter the 1 OAK nightclub in 2014.

Knight was hit by seven bullets at the venue, and the documents go on to claim Dre paid the shooter and a friend $50,000 for the hit, reports TMZ.

Deputy Henry Boyd is accused of letting the shooter into Chris Brown’s VMA party at the club, and it is also reported Knight’s legal team have viewed CCTV footage of the incident.

Boyd was allegedly questioned by police following the shooting and later resigned from the department, with the supposed hitman also reported as being freed from custody.

According to UPROXX Dre has responded by labelling Knight’s accusations as ‘ridiculous’.

Presumably it won’t be the last we hear of the former Death Row Records mogul’s arguments.