Suicide Bomber Dies After Canadian Police Thwart Terror Attack


A terror suspect has been killed after Canada’s national police force thwarted what officials said was a suicide bomb plot.

Aaron Driver allegedly planned to use a bomb to carry out a suicide mission in a public area, a senior police official said

The London Free Press newspaper, citing family members, reported that Driver was shot by police after he detonated a device, wounding himself and another person.

Police cited in news reports that Driver, a man in his mid-20s who had sympathised with the Islamic State group on social media, was under a court order from earlier this year to not associate with any terrorist organization, including the Islamic State group.

In February, Driver’s lawyer and the prosecutor agreed to a peace bond stating there were ‘reasonable grounds to fear that he may participate, contribute directly or indirectly in the activity of a terrorist group’, The Guardian reports.

A police operation continued well into Wednesday night in the southern Ontario town of Strathroy, about 140 miles (225 kilometers) southwest of Toronto.

Irene Lee, whose parents own a convenience store near Driver’s home, said police had arrived on the street shortly after 4pm.

She said: “I hear a bomb sound, like a bang – I was freaking out because this is a small and quiet town. All of a sudden the policemen were yelling ‘Everyone get into your houses.’”

Lee said there were up to 25 marked and unmarked cruisers on the street.

The RCMP said a suspect had been identified and the ‘proper course of action has been taken’ to ensure there was no danger to public safety.

The national terrorism threat level for Canada still remains at medium.