Super Mario 64 Gets Amazing Fan-Made Sequel



Mario fans, get ready for something awesome (before Nintendo takes it away) One fan has been working on a hack for Super Mario 64, essentially making a full-blooded sequel to the platforming classic.

SM64: Last Impact is the work of Kaze Emanuar, and features all-new levels, new bosses, and an entirely fresh set of challenges for the portly plumber to overcome.


Nintendo are gonna shut this down quicker than you can say ‘but it’s only a fan game’, so I highly, highly recommend you download it from here or here before it’s too late.

Last Impact might look like Super Mario 64, but it takes plenty of genius innovations from later games in the series, such as the gravity defying fun of Super Mario Galaxy, and the ability to turn into paper and fall through gaps – taken straight from the Paper Mario RPG.

Check it out in the trailer below – it looks so fucking good.

With a whopping 130 new stars to collect, this is a genuinely robust Mario game that could easily have been made by Nintendo themselves – and I can think of no higher praise than that.