Super Mario Bros Speedrunner Sets Impossible New World Record



Speedrunner Darbian just achieved the impossible by beating the previous world record for completing an entire run of the original Super Mario Bros.

In fact, it was only four days earlier that speedrunner kosmicd12 has thrown down the time of four minutes, 57 seconds and 194 milliseconds.

Unfortunately for him, Darbian somehow managed to beat him out with a squeaky four minutes, 56 seconds and 878 milliseconds – a difference of 316 milliseconds.


As Darbian notes himself in the video’s description this was ‘a time that was considered nearly impossible just a few weeks ago’.

How the hell did he manage it then? It’s not entirely clear what he did different to his predecessor, but I guess dozens of minuscule improvements would add up – check out the run below.

Just for kicks, Darbian also had a heart-rate monitor set up, just to show how a speedrun can really get the blood pumping.

The majority of the run has his bpm at around 80-90, but as things heat up in 8-4, it starts to rocket upwards of 140 as he confronts Bowser and realises he’s pulled it off.


Could this be the final, perfect, unbeatable run of Super Mario Bros?

Nah – everything I’ve seen from speedrunners of this game over the past decade would suggest that the battle is far from over.