Supermarket Price Wars See Aldi’s 45p Milk Matched By Tesco And Sainsbury’s

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jul 2015 10:19
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Supermarket goers can revel in the fact that next time they go shopping and pick up a pint of milk, they will save roughly 10% on what they are currently paying.


Tesco and Sainsbury’s have slashed the price of milk to bring it in line with ever popular discount stores like Aldi, making it around 45p to buy a pint of milk, and 75p for two pints, down from 89p.

Despite the rise of soy milk and other hipster favourites, it is estimated that 85% of the nation still drinks cow’s milk according to analyst Mintel, meaning the price slashing will benefit a huge amount of people.

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The supermarkets have claimed that the reductions are all down to profit margins and wanting to claw their customers back from discount stores, and they seem to have very little empathy with the fact that farmers are claiming they are being driven out of business because of the price cuts.


The National Farmers Union have claimed that the prices they are being paid currently mean many farmers are actually running at a loss.

While that is obviously alarming for farmers, the cuts are certainly good news for the average consumer, with money tighter than ever, and shows just how much budget stores now have the big supermarkets scrambling.

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    Supermarkets' milk war sees price of a pint plunge to 45p: Tesco and Sainsbury's slash costs to bring them in line with Aldi