Mother Designs Amazing Hearing Aids For Kids Using Superheroes

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When Sarah Ivermee’s friend mentioned that her daughter felt uncomfortable wearing a hearing aid to school, she offered some suggestions and tips to make her more comfortable, advising that adding nail stickers to the device might help.

The situation for Sarah was especially poignant as her son Freddie suffers from hearing loss in one ear and deafness in the other.

This means he too wears hearing aids, and that gave Sarah, or supermum as she is otherwise known, the idea to customise the devices and make them child friendly, and using superheroes to do that was top of the agenda.


She now runs a whole line of the hearing aids, that have everything from Spiderman to Batman all the way to Hello Kitty and Minions, which really are something special.


Just the confidence they would give to the kids who need to wear hearing aids is massive, and they are so colourful that kids want to show them off, and it seems that Ivermee really has achieved her goal of making kids feel less conscious about wearing the devices.