Surgeon Who ‘Accidentally Stapled’ Patient’s Vagina F*cks Up Again

by : UNILAD on : 13 Feb 2016 14:32

An Australian surgeon who accidentally stapled a woman’s vagina during routine surgery has been suspended after another ‘significant clinical incident.’


This time the doctor – previously on a $350,000 (£172,000) yearly salary – left a middle-aged man with ‘massive urological trauma’ following a botched hernia operation, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

A private source told the Gold Coast Bulletin the latest incident was a result of a major technical error.

The patient had a major ­injury to the bladder and rectum. It will take some time to recover from that.


The 2013 case in which the patient suffered a stapled vagina happened during bowel surgery.

According to the Daily Mail the doctor – who conducted the surgery at the Robina Hospital in Queensland – is now being investigated by the Office of the Health Ombudsman and the Health Practitioners Agency.

Apparently staff had previously expressed concerns that the ageing doctor had been allowed to continue performing surgery.

However, Professor Marianne Vonau, Gold Coast Health’s executive director of clinical governance, education and research, said the hospital had taken a number of steps to ensure safety of patients.

She told the Gold Coast Bulletin:

There was a previous incident involving the same surgeon in 2013. In response Gold Coast Health implemented a number of measures to ensure safe outcomes for our patients.

The surgeon has been working under a restricted scope of practice and there were no other clinical incidents from that point until now.

What does this guy have against other peoples’ most intimate areas?

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