Surreal Footage Shows Armed Taliban Enjoying Pedal Boat Rides In The Sun

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Surreal Footage Shows Armed Taliban Enjoying Pedal Boat Rides In The Sun (Ruptly)Ruptly

Recent footage shows armed Taliban forces enjoying the sun while riding pedal boats in the Bamyan Province.

Footage of the event has just surfaced, following pictures that were taken last week, September 18, capturing the Taliban riding the Swan-like pedal boats in the Band-e Amir national park while holding assault rifles.


Abdol Hamid, one of the Taliban fighters, said, ‘We came here to have fun,’ following the photos of the armed group going viral on Twitter.


In the middle of the Hindu Kush mountains, the Band-e Amir national park is made up of six deep lakes and was once popular among international travellers as well as domestic tourists.

An employee who is in charge of the Swan-shaped pedal boats in the national park, Zameen Mahmoudi, has highlighted his worries over the Taliban’s day in the sun.


Mahmoudi said, ‘[Tourists] are worried about whether the Taliban will cause them disturbance and trouble.’

‘When I rent out a boat I’m scared to ask the Taliban for money. There is a lot of concern whether they pay or say anything. I have no hope in staying here at all,’ he added. ‘The Taliban simply bring weapons and they even shoot. People and families who come here feel terrified and return to their cities.’

While the dozens of Islamic militants were seemingly enjoying a day in the sun, protests all across Afghanistan were taking place over equal education opportunities for both boys and girls.


Although the Taliban previously assured people that girls would have an equal access to education, but would need to be segregated and only taught by female teachers while abiding by strict Islamic dress codes, they have since gone back on their word.

The Taliban have now banned girls from attending secondary school, and in a statement issued on Friday, September 17, the Taliban education ministry said, ‘All male teachers and students should attend their educational institutions.’


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The statement, however, did not address the issue of girls not returning to secondary school, consequently sparking protests across Afghanistan.

If you’d like to help those who’ve been affected by the recent devastating events unfolding in Afghanistan, you can make a donation to the UN Refugee Agency United Kingdom here

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