Suspect’s Farts Were So Bad Police Had To Stop Interview

Jackson County Detention Center

It’s a classic Hollywood scenario, grizzly cop and defensive perpetrator, facing off in a battle of wits – you know, Good Cop/Bad Cop, well this is God Cop/Bad Smell.

A 24-year-old from Kansas City held up a police interrogation with a witty and whiffy approach, which got him off the hook, if only for a little while – talk about cutting the cheese.

On 1 September, Sean A. Sykes Jr was in a car police searched and found a backpack containing various drugs and handguns, the Kansas City Star reports – one of the guns had been stolen from a car in Independence, Kansas, a few days earlier, according to official documents.


After being taken in for questioning, Sykes brought out the classroom-style escape act, a kind of Poo-dini, if you will.

When asked about his address, the detective wrote in his report:

Mr. Sykes leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering with the address. Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview.

No charges were filed against Sykes at the time.

The stench of injustice must have been unbearable, however, Sykes’ jail break of wind could only catch the breeze for so long – on 5 November police pulled over a vehicle driven by Sykes.

Court documents state police found marijuana and crack cocaine, as well as .38-calibre revolver, which was reported stolen from Overland Park.

Sykes has since been charged in US District Court with, possession with intent to supply cocaine and being a felon in possession of three firearms, two of which were reported stolen.

Sykes made an initial appearance in court on Monday and was ordered to be held in custody pending a further hearing to determine if a bond will be set.

Let’s hope it’s the law and not Sykes, which follows through.