Sweary Woman Questions Why The F*** Refugees Would Want To Come To Britain Anyway


This woman speaks sense.

With the photo of a drowned Syrian boy being a catalyst for most of the media and the government to realise that they should at least pretend to have a heart, how the refugee crisis is being presented to us is gradually changing.

Instead of ‘swarms of migrants’, it’s now refugees.

And with this change of tone from the media and politicians, public sentiment towards migrants is also gradually softening.

But unfortunately, there are still people out there who remain convinced that refugees are nothing but greedy spongers looking to steal all our lovely British stuff.

This fantastic rant that’s been doing the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr puts things into perspective:

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 15.55.27Tumblr

If you had the choice, would you really come to Britain unless you had to?