Swedish Barman Looks Just Like Young Leonardo DiCaprio, Internet Freaks Out

by : Mark Foster on : 31 Oct 2015 15:38

Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Well this Swedish barman has. A lot. No wonder either, as he’s the spitting image of a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio has a time machine. Maybe he has an illegitimate Swedish son – we can’t prove anything either way. What we do know, is that 21-year-old Konrad Annerud has gathered over 100,000 instagram followers at an astonishing speed for looking uncannily like the Hollywood actor.


Back in the game @danielbaardh hahah #fakkingselfie

A photo posted by Konrad Annerud (@konradannerud) on

The Swede spoke to news site nyheter24.set about the crazy resemblance:

I get to hear that I look like him quite often, especially since I work as a bartender in a nightclub. But it’s fun to be like him, he’s handsome.

But it’s not all peaches and cream – looking like one of the 90s most iconic men does have a downside. He said:


When I was in Italy this summer, I almost felt like shaving my hair off. It was very chaotic; people were yelling ‘Leo’ and wanted to take photos with me all the time. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced.

  ?: @stella_cocozza Mer bilder på http://stellacocozza.blogg.se/   A photo posted by Konrad Annerud (@konradannerud) on

You’ve got to admit Konrad does look remarkably like DiCaprio, and he’d make a great young Leo in a biopic on his life. It’d be super harsh if he won an Oscar for the performance though..

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