Swedish Hunter Jumps Into Partly Frozen Lake To Save His Dog


Dogs really are man’s best friend, and what happen’s when man’s best friend gets stuck in a partly frozen lake?

Man jumps straight into the lake to rescue him, obviously. That’s what happened in Sweden recently when Rocky, a four-year-old laika-elkhound cross, got a bit ahead of himself during a hunt.

According to Shock Mansion the dog was out hunting with owner Jonas Lundh when it spotted a moose they’d been stalking. Rocky got a bit excited and rushed towards the animal, ending up in the ice cold water of Lake Constance.


Mr Lundh said:

I looked at my GPS [and saw] they were near the water, near the shore. So I began to run back toward the beach, for it had been cold at night and there may be situations with thin ice.

And that’s exactly what had happened – Rocky had raced onto glass-thin ice and fallen through, becoming trapped. Luckily his owner doesn’t hesitate to jump straight in and rescue him.

Watch as he realises his dog’s in trouble:


What a hero.