Swedish Student Travels To Ireland To Track Down Her Doppelgänger


What are the chances of finding someone who looks exactly like you?

Pretty fucking slim. But don’t just take my profanity laden word for it, experts also agree. Human genetics professor at the University of Oxford, Sir Walter Bodmer, told the Telegraph: “The overall chance of finding someone who looks exactly like you is really very small.”


The human face is extraordinarily unique. I mean think about it. The chance has to be quite low otherwise you would be bumping into people who looked like you all the time, and you don’t.

These two managed to smash those odds, however, discovering they were real life doppelgängers online.


Sara Nordstorm, 17, travelled all the way from Sweden to Dublin to meet up with her Irish twin, 21-year-old Shannon Lonergan.

According to The Independent, the pair found each other on website Twin Strangers, a service that helps people track down their lookalike.

They even said friends and family struggled to tell them apart, with Ms Lonergan telling the Belfast Telegraph:

When my dad first saw myself and Sara he did not know where to look. His facial expressions were hilarious and showed how shocked he was.

Personally, I think finding someone who looks exactly like you and meeting up with them is incredibly weird. Each to their own, though…