Sydney Shopkeeper Uses Genius Trick To Stop People Hoarding Toilet Roll

by : Lucy Connolly on : 25 Mar 2020 08:29
Sydney Shopkeeper Uses Genius Trick To Stop People Hoarding Toilet RollSydney Shopkeeper Uses Genius Trick To Stop People Hoarding Toilet Rollredfern_convenience_store/Instagram

A convenience store owner has come up with a way to stop people panic-buying toilet roll, urging his customers not to be ‘greedy’ in the process.


Hazem Sedda, the owner of Redfern Convenience Store in Sydney, decided enough was enough when he realised many vulnerable people in his community were unable to get their hands on even a single roll of toilet paper.

To deter his customers from stocking up, he came up with an ingenious idea.

convenience store owner comes up with way to stop people panic buying toilet rollconvenience store owner comes up with way to stop people panic buying toilet rollredfern_convenience_store/Instagram

His solution was to whack up the price of two packets of toilet roll to $99.


Now, I’ll be honest with you. If Sedda was selling a pack of nine rolls, or even four, I’d be completely on board with this idea. It stops people from buying more than they need and prevents many being left without.

But the toilet rolls in Sedda’s store come in packs of two – which really isn’t enough for families and wouldn’t last that long even in a household of two – so really this idea just prevents people from buying what they need. Although I suppose they could always come back and buy more once they run out?

Of course, Sedda kept the price of one pack of toilet roll the same – $3.50 – something he said has deterred his customers from attempting to stock up, as well as the sign next to the rolls that reads: ‘Don’t be greedy, think of the other people.’

The shop owner told Daily Mail Australia he originally put a sign up stating customers were only allowed one packet each, but people kept ignoring it.

He explained:

Everyone was taking two or three and telling me it was for their mum or sister. It was annoying they kept ignoring the sign. When I put the two pack for $99 everyone was just taking one. No one came up with two.

Sedda said he made the decision to increase the price of two packets because he wanted to help his local community, adding: ‘All the old people and all the desperate people were able to get some as well, that was the whole point.’


In a post shared to the store’s Instagram account, Sedda encouraged his customers to help him ‘keep [the toilet roll] in stock for you’, adding: ‘Please only buy what you need, don’t “buy to stock up” as a lot of people are desperate for one roll.’

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to cause uncertainty around the globe, the effects of panic-buying and stockpiling have been seen worldwide. Empty shelves in supermarkets have become a common sight, and while it’s understandable for shoppers to panic given the extremely stressful situation, it has left many without even the basic necessities.

Hopefully Sedda’s idea does help stop the panic-buying mentality, although I still think the ‘one packet per customer’ idea is perhaps a more stress-free way to go about it.

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