Sylvester Stallone Names Who He Wants To Succeed Him As Rambo


Everybody’s favourite incoherent muscle mass Sylvester Stallone has spoken out about who he wants to fill his blood-soaked boots as Rambo, and it’s confused a lot of people.

Speaking in a recent interview to promote his new movie Creed, Stallone was asked who he would like to succeed him in some of his most iconic roles. When asked about the one-man-army Vietnam vet John Rambo, he could think of only one person – Ryan Gosling.

Wait. What?

Gosling – best known for his role as a brutal getaway driver in Drive and general movie love-hunk – was just as shocked to hear the news as everybody else. He was told about Stallone’s comment in an interview with Cinemablend, and could barely contain his glee.

He said:

That is incredible. He’s one of my favourite actors. Just the fact that he knows my name is exciting… he’s the best, I’m genuinely touched that he said that.

It’s worth pointing out that there are no known plans for a Rambo reboot starring the Gos. But with Sly’s blessing, could that be about to change?