Synthol ‘Bodybuilder’ Takes On Russian Slap Champion And Fails Emphatically


A ‘bodybuilder’ who injects site enhancement oil synthol into his arms took on a Russian slapping champion – and failed epically.

Kirill Tereshin, from the Russian city of Pyatigorsk, gained notoriety in 2017 when he began injecting synthol into his arms to create an illusion of muscles, leading many to dub him ‘Popeye’.

However, it seems his muscles are just that – an illusion – because when he took on Vasiliy ‘The Dumpling’ Kamotskiy in a slapping competition recently, he just couldn’t handle the heat.

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As reported by RT, Tereshin and Kamotskiy were taking part in the ‘Faces of Stone’ tournament when the showdown happened amid a crowd of excited people.

Before the slapping contest even started, a fight nearly broke out when Tereshin was reminded of the rules – that he can’t call his mother for help. At this, the ‘bodybuilder’ immediately took umbrage and told the man: ‘F*ck you, don’t talk to me like that’.

Yikes. The drama didn’t stop there though, because Tereshin’s slap to The Dumpling’s ear – which barely made Kamotskiy flinch – was immediately disallowed because it was against the rules. And then came the slap champion’s turn…

Take a look below:

As you can see, Kamotskiy’s slap proves too much for his opponent, who goes flying with the force of it and ends up in a heap on the floor. As such, Tereshin lost the fight on the first turn.

Kamotskiy is renowned for his unrivaled slapping force, becoming a viral sensation in March this year when he won the inaugural championships at the 2019 Siberian Power Show. Since then, the slapping champion has enjoyed international fame, with RT reporting he’s even gained recognition from Joe Rogan of the MMA world.

Tereshin didn’t seem to take the loss too hard though, posting a video of the fight to his Instagram page and asking his followers to vote on whether they would like to see him partake in a cage fight. Erm, why?

Addressing his 461K followers, the ‘bodybuilder’ asked whether they enjoyed his fight with Kamotskiy alongside a proposition for the future.

He wrote, as per Google Translate:

Do you want me to have a real fight in a cage, without a judge and without gloves, write the word and want a column in the comments and I will think and decide.

Welp, as though one epic fail wasn’t enough, it seems Tereshin looks set to take on yet another loss – this time in the cage fighting world.

What happened to learning from your mistakes?

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