Syria Says US Airstrike Hit ISIS Poison Gas Supply And Killed Hundreds


It’s no hidden secret that tensions are currently sky high between the U.S. and Syria following Trump’s decision to launch 60 Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian airbase last week – but have things just got even crazier?

According to the Syrian Army, who certainly don’t have the best track record as the moral high ground, the U.S. led-coalition launched another airstrike yesterday evening which hit an Islamic State chemical weapons supply, killing “hundreds including many civilians”.

As reported by The Independent, this shocking news comes just a week after Assad’s government were critisized across the world for launching a chemical attack against their own people.


Apparently, the U.S. strike yesterday took place at around 5.30pm local time on Wednesday in the eastern Deir al-Zor province and hit a so-called Islamic State weapons stockpile.

It is claimed that in the aftermath of the bombing, a ‘white cloud became yellow as a result of the explosion of a huge store that includes a large amount of toxic materials’.

Sadly, the fact that hundreds of civillians may have been killed isn’t the only horrific outcome of this attack either, as the strike may just have proved that the Islamic State and their affiliates possess chemical weapons.


The U.S. have not yet confirmed the strike and many may believe that this claim by the Assad regime is merely an attempt to distract attention from their chemical attack last week.

Despite Trump’s explicit friendship with Putin in the early stages of his presidency, their relationship with Syria has seen an evident divide between the U.S. and Russia with Russia denying that Damascus carried out any such chemical attack.

For now, all that remains certain in the world is uncertainty.