Syrian Jihadis Release Chilling ‘Call Of Duty’ Style Propaganda Film


A terrifying propaganda video allegedly showing Iranian forces fleeing from jihadists has been released by a group with links to Al Qaeda.

The Nusra Front released the three-minute clip – which chillingly echoes a first-person shooter –  made up of footage taken from GoPro cameras attached to a tank and a drone as they advance on a stronghold town in northern Syria.

They claim the video captures the operation that led to them reclaiming the town of Tal Bajer after losing it to Syrian troops backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and Iranian forces two weeks ago.

Released by the group’s media wing, White Minaret, the group claim it shows Iranian forces fleeing as the extremists advance. A drone shot shows a tank pulling into what appears to be a jihadist base as a number of armed fighters dressed in black come out, climbing into the vehicles parked outside.

Other shots are taken on a GoPro camera attached to the barrel of one of the tank guns, capturing the devastation it causes as it piles through the town. But, the sound effects of heavy gunfire have been added to the video giving it a disturbingly cinematic feel.

The region in the footage has experienced prolonged and intense fighting and according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 23 fighters were killed in clashes between the Kurdish-led alliance and Islamist rebels on Sunday.