Taco Restaurant Trolls Burglars By Making Hilarious Video



Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos in the United States has made the greatest crime stoppers video ever. It has gone to the front page of reddit within 2 hours.  

The restaurant has managed to satirise their own dilemma. It takes a humble kind of company to pull that off.

It looks like they have sincerely been robbed a few days ago, but instead of giving the burglars attention for taking money, they have created a plot line in which the criminals were after some of the companies tasty tacos.

The final result is actually hilarious.

The video simultaneously works as a lovely marketing tool. Here you are:

The have asked for anyone in Las Vegas who knows anything to come forward with information…

Please call 702-385-5555 – LVMPD Crime Stoppers – with any information or tips related to this crime.