Take A Look Inside Bunker Where Adolf Hitler Committed Suicide


On the 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler took his own life in his Fuhrerbunker which was later demolished – but now, that same bunker has been recreated by a Berlin museum. 

As part of a tour of an air raid shelter, which is incredibly close to the original Fuhrerbunker, a full scale model of Hitler’s final headquarters has been recreated – sparking mixed opinions, reports the Mirror.


As you can probably imagine, numerous critics have slammed the museum – claiming that is in bad taste, however the museum’s owner, Wieland Giebel argued that bunker is not the ‘Hitler Show’.

Hitler first moved to the bunker, which features heavily in the movie, Downfall, in early 1945 and used it as his HQ as Russian, British, and U.S. troops closed in.


Also on display in the museum is a recreation of the room where Hitler shot himself including a painting of Frederick the Great of Prussia, who was a hero of Hitler’s, on the wall.

Hitler was also in the news earlier this year after pleas for the house where he was born to be demolished were rejected with Austrian officials claiming it would ‘come close to a denial of the Nazi history in Austria’.

However locals claim that the house attracts neo-Nazi’s on pilgrimages…