Takeaway Guy Caught Doing Something Disgusting While Delivering Food


When you work in the food industry, whether you’re a chef or a delivery driver, I think it goes without saying that a certain high level of hygiene is a must.

But this delivery driver doesn’t play by the rules.

In this video caught on CCTV an unknown delivery man essentially sprints into a lift, presumably taking him to his destination, before whipping out his manhood and urinating inside the elevator, reports the Mirror.


As the lift moves up the different floors, the large puddle of piss spreads out across the bottom of the lift.

However that’s not all – as before leaving the lift the delivery man sneezes hard and wipes the end result on the inside of his shirt.

The man then exits the lift and goes about his day.

I don’t know about you but I sure hope my takeaway delivery drivers don’t get up to this shit while delivering my food…