‘Taken’ Is Going to Bend Space And Time To Become A Prequel TV Series


taken prequel

Producer Luc Besson has sold the Taken franchise to NBC with a straight-to-series order. It is going to be a prequel to the movies, exploring the past of Bryan Mills.

The Taken TV show is specifically going to delve into how CIA operative Bryan Mills, played by Liam Neeson in the movies, acquired his “very particular set of skills” to become the man of action we all know and love.

The series will bend space and time as it’s going to be set in modern times, yet in the story world it’s a prequel to the 2008 movie… Maybe we’ll have to watch the films in future imagining they’re set in 2050 or thereabouts?

luc besson

Luc Besson, who co-wrote the three movies, will stay attached as Executive Producer. Besson’s company EuropaCorp and Universal TV will be collaborating with NBC on the series.

It’s unlikely the character of Mills will be played by Neeson anymore. The search is on to cast a young Bryan Mills that has no wife and no kids in the TV series. I hope his parents don’t get taken.

Mr. Besson also has other series in the works with NBC including Taxi Brooklyn, La Femme Nikita, and Transporter.

Although I think the Taken sequels were shit, lacking the efficiency and intensity of the first film, I’m hoping this TV series will rejuvenate some of that concise action-packed storytelling once again.

What missions could Bryan Mills have been on to acquire his skills?