Tara Reid And Jenny McCarthy Throw Shade In Painfully Awkward Radio Interview



If a definition for bitchy was ever needed it would be this interview between former Playboy model turned journalist, Jenny McCarthy, and Tara Reid.

From start to finish there is a perpetual feeling of tense awkwardness in the interview, predominantly focusing on Reid’s appearance in Sharknado 4, or Sharknado 18 as McCarthy calls it, reports the Daily Mail.

There are countless implicit bitchy questions, followed by even bitchier answers before the whole thing totally implodes at one minute fifty. Yep, that’s all it takes. 110 short seconds of a brewing storm before the shit dives face first into the fan.


It all turns sour incredibly early on when McCarthy asks Tara about her appearance on reality show, Marriage Boot Camp, but is shut down immediately when Tara says, ‘Can we please stick to questions about Sharknado? It’s not worth the time to talk about’.

So they did, and took the sharp turn back to Sharknado street, however McCarthy seemed far more interested in Reid’s fitness regime and plastic surgery than the film itself.

McCarthy asks:

Now, people talked about your surgeries before, are you still going through surgeries, or are you past them?

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But Tara insisted she hadn’t had any surgery for a while however for some reason this simply wasn’t enough for Jenny, who persisted on the hot topic of the former American Pie star’s surgery.

And thus the chaos begins.

‘Maybe you only read the bad things, but I’ve made that really clear so many years. But read what you want to read’, quips Reid before bidding farewell to McCarthy.

But the show is far from over.

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‘Reid attempts to sign off with: ‘So, it was really nice talking to you and really good luck with your show’, but then Jenny strikes down with, ‘Good luck to you too, and I’m so excited about Sharknado, bizarrely adding ‘And I hope you stay married’, at the end of the sentence.

But Tara doesn’t hold back either saying, ‘I hope you stay married too,’ before Jenny rapidly adds another dagger into Reid’s back weirdly saying: ‘I will, and I hope your knees get a little wobblier than they already are’.

Then Tara really loses her shit saying, ‘I hope your tits get nicer, because they’re amazing, same guy who did mine, right’, before Jenny confirms: ‘Yes, same guy. Love you Tara’.

However the greatest line of the night is up next – as Jenny ends the interview by saying ‘good luck with Sharknado 18!’

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Wow. Wow. Wow. Definitely a contender for the most awkward interview of recent times.