Tattoo Artist Causes Outrage By Inking Child’s Wrist

YouTube Carlos Alexandre Epifanio

Forgive me for thinking this, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got to be 18 to get a tattoo done – the legal requirement right?

Despite that, i’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t have let me get one before then anyway, let alone at the age of three!

Well one tattoo artist has caused outrage after posting a video on YouTube where he seems to be donning ink on the toddler.

YouTube Carlos Alexandre Epifanio

The footage shows a young girl, aged around three-years-old, getting a tattoo on her wrist.

Viewers can hear the sound of the tattooing needle as the artist in question traces the outline of a small star on the girls little hand.

If you look a bit closer though, everything isn’t quite what it seems.

YouTube Carlos Alexandre Epifanio

During the process, the little girl can be heard saying ‘it’s not even hurting’ before the tattooist fills in the star.

Once completed, another guy can be heard asking her if she’s happy with the outcome, to which she replies; ‘Yes, can I have a flower one now’.

Viewers have been left horrified by the clip, with one asking: ‘Is that really permanent?’

The sharp, eagle-eyed viewers out there did in fact point out the mistake – the tattooist in question isn’t using a needle, but in fact a biro that’s simply attached to his normal equipment – phew!

The video, posted by Carlos Alexandre Epifanio, close with the titles; ‘Starring Alex Epifanio and Alexys’ – he’s also responded to a number of comments to remind people that it isn’t child abuse!

He wrote on YouTube:

It’s fine, I only put (it) on YouTube because her reaction was funny, I wouldn’t do a real one.