Taxi Driver Claims MI5 ‘Won’t Stop Asking Him To Become Spy’


A Belfast taxi driver is considering taking MI5 to court as he claims they are continually harassing him.

Christopher Catney, nephew of former IRA member and Sinn Féin head of elections Tony Catney, says the intelligence agency is persistently trying to recruit him as an informant, The Independent reports.

The taxi driver says he’s been approached on a number of occasions, including while on holiday in Spain and, according to The Irish Times, following a road collision in December.

Allegedly, MI5 representatives told him they wanted to be ‘friends’ and ‘work together’.


A statement released by Catney read:

I am afraid that people in my community will start to think I am some sort of informant because of the PSNI-MI5 contact I have been experiencing.

This could be seriously life threatening in the sort of society we live in.

Catney, who believes the harassment is due to his family name, also reported this month that he received a suspect call from someone who identified as ‘Jim from Gran Canaria’.

Catney’s solicitor, Ciaran Mulholland, said:

It appears that Mr Catney is being harassed by MI5. I find the repeated approaches and contact from individuals, suspected to be that of British Security Services agents, extremely concerning.

Catney is now apparently considering filing for a High Court injunction against the agency.