Taxi Driver Drags Man Out Of His Taxi For Littering And Leaves Him

Taxi driver punishes passenger for littering.ViralHog

Nobody likes a litterbug. However, one impassioned taxi driver took things to the next level after booting his littering passenger from the vehicle; leaving him on the side of the road.

Footage taken from a car travelling behind a taxi near St. Petersburg, Russia, shows a passenger carelessly chucking a piece of rubbish out of the window on August 24, 2018. Tut tut tut.

He clearly wan’t thinking about the damage he could cause to the environment. And he definitely couldn’t have guessed the toll his actions would take on his dignity…

The footage then shows the taxi coming to a complete halt. The furious taxi driver storms out of the car, slamming the door behind him. He is clearly not happy by the actions of his passenger, and looks all set to confront him.

Stomping menacingly to the back of the vehicle, the driver picks up the piece of rubbish – signalling briefly to the car behind – before heading to the offending passenger’s door. He isn’t messing around.

Ripping the door open, the driver pulls the passenger from the car and throws him unceremoniously to the side of the road; as if he himself had been a crumpled can of beer or takeaway packet.

The bewildered passenger stumbles to his feet in the dusty road, looking utterly shocked at the driver’s unique brand of litter vigilantism. Meanwhile, the driver hops back in his car as if this was merely a regular day for him.

Giving clearly no hecks whatsover, the driver turned the car right round and rode off into the sunset like a true maverick; leaving the passenger gesturing helplessly by the side of the road. Probably with a thoroughly bruised backside.

The person who watched the scene unfold from the rear vehicle said:

The taxi driver who was driving ahead of me noticed that his passenger threw rubbish on the roadside and decided to teach him a lesson. He got out of the car and threw the passenger out. This is justice.

Meanwhile, many of those who have seen the video have come forward in support of the driver’s actions; applauding him for his unusually diligent attitude toward littering.

One patriotic person cheered:

Keeping Russia clean of garbage and drunks. Go Russia go !!

Another satisfied person applauded:

This man deserves a medal! (The driver ofc)

Interestingly, there was little in the way of concern about how and if the passenger got home okay. For all his litterbugging ways, I do hope he managed to scram a lift off someone….

Hopefully this litterer will have been scared back on to the right track, lovingly recycling all his garbage and volunteering for community litter-picking on the weekend.

Maybe he will even have a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors after being left stranded in it.

So let this be a lesson to all of us, you never know when anti-litterers are looking, and when and where they will strike next…

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