Taxi Driver Hit With Harsh Fine After Dropping Off Disabled Woman

ticket1Dan Robinson/Facebook

Footage has emerged showing a traffic warden giving a ticket to a taxi driver seconds after pulling up to drop off an elderly disabled woman.  

The footage – which has now been viewed over 250,000 times – was filmed by the driver, who works for Chelmsford Chauffeur Company in Essex, reports The Independent.

The warden can be seen writing the ticket and ignoring the driver as he asks: “You’re giving me a ticket for dropping off a disabled lady?”

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Posted by Dan Robinson on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dan Robinson – the owner of the taxi firm – told The Independent: 

Before the car had come to a stop, the traffic warden had arrived at the back of the car taking his details down.

So obviously he didn’t have a chance to even stop to let the customer out.

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Mr Robinson said he felt the warden’s decision was unfair and stressed there was nowhere nearby the driver could have stopped.

“The driver was doing a good deed by letting the lady out of the car and looking after her,” he said.

Chelmsford Council – and the warden himself – have come under attack on social media.

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A spokesperson for Chelmsford Council said: 

Parking enforcement exists to uphold the law and to keep our highways clear of obstruction so that they can be used and shared by all road users.

It is about fairness, and the same rules apply to all. The driver was stopped on double yellow lines in a narrow road with a ‘no loading or unloading’ restriction.

He knew that he was in contravention of the law by stopping in front of the sign.

The spokesperson went on to say that the driver can challenge the ticket in writing if he wants.

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They also pointed out that offensive language has been used on social media to refer to the warden:

We consider [this] to be reprehensible and unacceptable, regardless of users’ personal views. Our officer was doing his job.

To be fair, the guy was just doing his job, but sometimes you wish people could show a little common sense – surely he could’ve just given him a bit of a telling off and told him not to do it again…