Taylor Swift Surprised 96-Year-Old Veteran With A ‘Christmas Miracle’

by : Francesca Donovan on : 07 Dec 2016 14:29

Taylor Swift is known for channelling Santa Claus at Christmas and giving her doting fans gifts guaranteed to make next year’s presents look rubbish.


The 27-year-old singer loves Christmas so much, she even tried to trademark it last year and bought the rights to the totally made up word, Swiftmas.

But this year, she got down off her high reindeer and went back to her tradition of grassroots gift-giving with a season of cheer that culminated in this sweet surprise for a 96-year-old American war veteran.


Cyrus Porter of New Madrid, Missouri was visited by Swift, who showed up on Boxing Day to make merry with the deserving veteran and his young relatives during their festivities.


Porter’s family managed to document the meeting, as well as Taylor’s private performance of her Grammy award-winning track, Shake It Off.

His relative, Caroline Fowler told E! News:

My Popo was ecstatic! He was grinning from ear to ear and even had tears in his eyes. The first thing he said to her was ‘How did you get here?’ He loved every moment.

He told her how he was proud of his family, his country and Taylor Swift!

It was the best day ever and our family is thankful for this! It meant so much for the family to see him so happy!


Taylor was greeted by 60 adoring fans – including Porter’s young relative, Robert Frye, who dubbed the occasion a ‘Christmas miracle’ – but none of Cyrus’ family love Swift as much as he does.

The war veteran, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, has been to see Swift twice in concert and his story was told in the local news channel, KFVS.

Porter said:


I’ve been to two concerts. Memphis and St Louis. Look what she does…she puts on a show no one else puts on…I just liked the way she did stuff.


After the recent death of one of Porter’s daughters, it seems Taylor picked up on the viral news story and wanted to show her number one military fan support and love at Christmas, giving him the gift of a lifetime.

Taylor and her music were able to make this deserving man’s Wildest Dreams come true.

At Christmas, it’s clear this type of selfless sharing and gift-giving will never go out of Style.

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