Teacher Destroys Student In Hilarious Schoolyard Rap Battle Video



They say that teaching isn’t a job it’s a calling, well one teacher certainly proved that when she called out her pupils in a pretty epic rap battle.

The fearless teacher has become an internet legend after she competed in a rap battle with one of her pupils, the Daily Mail report.

In the middle of a yard surrounded by cheering school children she faces off with a teen, and while most teachers would simply have put an end to it the erudite educator launches into a brilliant rap that has the students cheering.

Confident teenager Alfie Mackay starts the battle, rapping: “Miss, you wish you could see me, you wish you could teach me, but I’m like a genie, give me your wishes, you better go home and clean up.”

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Taking it all in her stride, the teacher doubles over in laughter as she listens.

As Alfie finishes his rap the crowd encourages the teacher, saying, ‘You got to bring it back, Miss’,

She stands thinking for a moment before launching in with: “Alfie Mackay lose all the tension, your lyrics are crap imma put you in a detention”, squaring up to him jokingly before the group of schoolchildren erupt in cheers.

Although the video was originally uploaded back in May last year it’s just resurfaced, and has started doing the rounds again.

Watch out Kanye there’s a new lyrical genius in town…