Teacher Filmed Giving Bizarre Striptease To Student


An Italian high school teacher has been caught on camera performing what looks like a strange striptease – in a classroom.

Parents at the school – believed to be the Gramsci Keynes Institute in Prato, Tuscany – are apparently furious over the footage, demanding the ‘disgusting’ teacher is sacked, reports The Mirror.

In the video, the teacher flashes her bra at a pupil who is quite clearly recording it on his phone.


The video was also posted on the ‘Azione Giovani’ (‘Youth Action’) Facebook page, who labelled her behaviour as ‘shameful’, reports il Tirreno.

As you would probably expect, the student quickly posted the footage on Snapchat and WhatsApp and again – as you would expect – it got shared pretty rapidly.

According to reports, the woman – whose name has not yet been confirmed, is an IT teacher, and until now the school had received no complaints about her behaviour.


Headmistress Maria Grazia Tempesti said she was shocked but has so far declined to fully comment on the video. However, she did say the school has started disciplinary action and has summoned other teachers to investigate the case.

A statement on the school’s website has said that an ‘evaluation’ of the situation was underway.

You have to wonder what her explanation for this is going to be…