Teacher Filmed Abusing Young Boy Because He ‘Didn’t Want To Nap’

Asia Wire / CEN

A teacher was immediately sacked after she was filmed physically abusing a child in front of her students.

The footage was taken at the Hongying Kindergarten in China. The video clearly shows the teacher in question slapping the young child, throwing him onto the floor and repeatedly pushing him back down each time he tried to get up.

When the footage was unearthed she was promptly sacked by her bosses, but not before receiving a slap from the boy’s mother.

Warning: Distressing footage

According to The Mirror the boy in question was unwilling to take part in the class activities and refused to go and nap with his fellow classmates.

It’s believed this is what lead to the teacher using unethical means on the child as a way of dealing with him. She did this in front of her class as a way of teaching him a lesson and setting an example for others that may have gone on to disobey her.

Local authorities say that when the boy told his parents what had happened they immediately went to school and demanded to see the footage. After seeing it his mum slapped the teacher across the face six times before being dismissed on the spot.

Asia Wire / CEN

Furthermore, the school has issued an apology to child’s parents for the teacher’s gross misconduct.

Hopefully, she won’t going near a classroom anytime soon – or ever for that matter.