Teacher Fired For ‘Forcing Students To Sleep With Her For Grades’

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A teacher from Colombia forced high-school boys to have sex with her, in exchange for good grades.

40-year-old Yokasta M, is said to have groomed teenagers at an unnamed school in Medellin, Colombia, sending them inappropriate pictures and inviting dozens of pupils back to her home.

It ‘s reported the teacher threatened to fail the 16 and 17-year-olds if they refused to sleep with her.

Canal 4

She’s now facing forty years in jail as a result of her actions and her husband is now filing for divorce.

According to Canal 4, the incidents occurred between January and April 2016.

During this time, Yokasta is said to have targeted the schoolboys using social media, or through obtaining their phone numbers under the premise of wanting to ‘help with their studies’.

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She would also use WhatsApp to send indecent photographs to her pupils, which often showed her wearing only her underwear or a bikini.

Sometimes she was almost completely naked, covering herself only with her hands, or with a layer of cuddly toys.

Yokasta reportedly even lured boys back to her home, where she would force them into committing acts of a sexual nature with her.

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The father of one of her victims discovered the abuse after checking through his son’s phone – unearthing the disturbing images – he reported the shocking discovery to the authorities and Yokasta was arrested.

After the arrest, a former pupil posted some of the explicit photographs Yokasta sent him on social media, with the following caption:

This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she [suspend] us if we do not have relations with her.

The pupil also uploaded a three-minute YouTube video which went viral across South America, alongside the images.

Canal 4

The troubling story was picked up by local TV station Le Mehor, who reported the incident alongside the photographs.

Yokasta now faces trial for a number of charges, including extortion, as well as the sexual abuse of minors.