Teacher Makes Ridiculous Mistake In Kids’ Spelling Homework


A mum has tweeted her despair after her son brought home a note from school about upcoming spelling tests – littered with spelling mistakes.

Mum-of-two Amanda shared a picture of the note from her son’s teacher, which explained that Year 6 pupils would need to complete a spelling test as part of their SAT exams, reports the Daily Record.

Unbelievably, the school had failed to spell all the words in the letter about spelling homework correctly themselves, with sincerely spelled as ‘sincerley’ and immediately spelled as ‘immediateley’.

The post was quickly re-tweeted hundreds of times and received nearly six hundred favourites in just two hours, but not everyone was on her side…

In yet another twist, Amanda later revealed that the school had clearly tried to fix its error by printing an updated note.

They couldn’t get that right either though…

But some Twitter users couldn’t believe the mistake accusing her of faking it, while others said she was unfairly ‘shaming teachers’.

Amanda was forced to respond:

I appreciate and value teachers but errors like that are just not on. I will be, of course, going into the school and questioning why something so littered with errors was sent home.


We’re definitely with you on that Amanda, but come on guys, at least use spell check.