Teacher Manages To Keep Job Despite Being Late A Shocking Amount Of Times

by : UNILAD on : 30 Aug 2015 10:34
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One teacher has managed to keep their job, despite being late a massive 111 times.


Arnold Anderson, from New Brunswick, was allowed to keep his $90,000 per year post, despite seemingly not owning an alarm.

The teacher, who holds a post at Roosevelt Elementary School, claimed that breakfast made him late, and that he loses track of time, which was a ‘bad habit’.

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The 15 year veteran had been late 46 times during the most recent school year, and 65 times before that.


Now while that seems a bit much, an arbitrator in New Jersey rejected a motion from the school to fire him from his post.

According to the ruling, while they criticised Anderson’s claim that the level and quality of his teaching outweighs the lateness, he is entitled to progressive discipline.

After keeping his job, he has claimed that next year, he will be ‘early’ to class.

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    Teacher was late to his elementary school lessons 111 times because he spent too long eating BREAKFAST - and he is still allowed to keep $90,000-a-year job