Teacher Schools Class Using Incredible Freestyle Science Rap



Was your science teacher as cool as this guy?

Christian Foley, 24, is a year eight science teacher – and he teaches his students by rapping to them.

It’s not your average run-of-the-mill rap, either – rhyming cat with hat and maybe with baby. This guy is more in the realm of Blackalicious’s ‘Alphabet Aerobics’, incorporating words like photosynthesis, neurology and mitochondria.

It’s apparently freestyle, and it’s impressive.

Highlights include: “I’m a slow-flow lyricist. I bring in the light when I’m swinging a mike, I’m bringing the light like it’s photosynthesis”, and, “I get under your skin like it’s your biology, you can study my brain that’s my neurology, you can study my heart that’s cardiology.”

Quick-thinking freestyle isn’t rare for Foley, though. According to The Daily Mail, he performs under the name Muz in his spare time – a published poet, spoken word artist and hip hop MC.

He told the Jersey Evening Post last year: “I use poetry to facilitate education to children. I work with kids who have been excluded from school and young offenders who’ve had problems with gangs. It’s challenging but very rewarding.”

It’s definitely an interesting way to teach, and probably a much more interesting way for students to be taught.