Teacher Sparks Outrage After Giving Child ‘Most Likely To Become A Terrorist’ Award


It’s hard to know when a joke’s gone too far sometimes, thankfully here at UNILAD we have editors who curb the worst of our ramblings, unfortunately not all jobs are so lucky. 

Take this teacher who gave a seventh grade honour student,  Lizeth Villanueva, a rather controversial end of term award as a ‘joke’. So what was her award; ugliest pencil case, worst penmanship, most likely to wear Crocs?

No this teacher took things way further than pointing out Crocs are literally the worst shoes ever invented, she gave Lizeth the ‘Most Likely To Become A Terrorist Award’, an award which is about as tasteful as a pair of Crocs.

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Speaking to The Washington Post Lizeth’s mother, Ena Hernandez, expressed her outrage at the award.

She said: 

I was upset and very mad when I saw the award,I was surprised because my daughter has been doing well in the honors program.

Things get worse though, not only did the teacher give out this award they also gave out ‘Most Likely To Become Homeless’ to a young boy and a little girl ‘Most Likely To Cry About Every Little Thing’.


As you’d expect the staff at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Channelview, Texas, weren’t cool with a teacher giving out insulting awards to pupils and took action against her while they look into whatever the moronic educator was thinking.

In a statement the school apologised for the awards and claimed that they are reviewing the situation.


They wrote:

The Channelview ISD Administration would like to apologize for the insensitive and offensive fake mock awards that were given to students in a classroom. Channelview ISD would like to assure all students, parents and community members that these award statements and ideals are not representative of the district’s vision, mission and educational goals for our students.

The teachers involved in this matter have been disciplined according to district policy and the incident is still under investigation.

Remember the rule, if you ever think it seems like a bad idea, it’s probably a bad idea.