Teacher Suspended For Ridiculously ‘Racist Pimps And Hoes’ Quiz

teach_2904927aMobile County Public Schools

A teacher at an Alabama high school has been suspended after pupils posted images of a class quiz she handed out which was, without doubt, incredibly inappropriate. 

The ten question maths quiz was handed out to her year nine group at the Burns Middle School, but after one of her language art students reportedly took a picture of the quiz and sent it to his mum, the image subsequently went viral – and for all the wrong reasons.

In the test, known as the ‘LA Math Proficiency Test’, one of the questions refers to a guy called Tyrone who ‘knocked up four girls in the gang’, reports the International Business Times.

Here’s the quiz in full:


Yeah – you really did read all that…

The quiz also references ‘Ramon’ and his ‘drive-by shootings’, Desmond and his stolen cars, and Dwayne and his ‘3 ho’s’.

Another question asks:

If the price is $85 (£59) per trick, how many tricks per day must each ho turn to support Dwayne’s $800 (£554) per day crack habit?

giphy (46)

Potentially, Joanne was simply trying to ‘be down with kids’, and apparently the quiz is intended to make a mockery of the gang culture of the LA area – but surely this is taking things a bit too far?

Joanne Bolser was placed on administrative leave after the quiz went viral.

She was suspended just a day before the last day of the school year and will soon have a hearing and the ability to appeal.

A spokeswoman for the district added:

We regret this happened. We have 7,500 employees at Mobile Public Schools and we overwhelmingly have excellent teachers.