Teachers Caught Playing ‘Shag, Marry Or Kill’ About Special Needs Students


This is the damning moment a number of teachers were caught playing a game of ‘shag, marry, or kill’ about their students. 

The teachers, from a school in Michigan, were playing the game out loud in the Bangor Tavern Bar & Grill, discussing and debating openly which students they would rather shag, marry, or kill.

A disgusted onlooker filmed the incident for a full six minutes before handing the footage to a friend who has children at the Bangor school, reports WOODTV.

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As if the video couldn’t get any more sickening it has been claimed that at least one of the students referred to in the video has special needs.

At one point in the clip a teacher claims:

I’d marry Randy. I guess I’d bone Dennis, and then I’d kill [inaudible].

Another teacher quickly adds:

Oh I could fucking kill Dennis.


Not only did they involve the minors in their game, they also roared swear words and slammed student performance – stunning all around them.

The video was swiftly uploaded to Facebook and subsequently went viral with hundreds of parents calling for the teachers in the video to be sacked, however the school has insisted the teachers did nothing wrong.

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District attorney Robert Huber later announced that the school secretary had resigned while two teachers received written reprimands; and four others were given verbal reprimands.

WOOD-TV reported:

Police helped investigate and interview the teachers, but determined nothing criminal happened and that there was no concern the teachers may actually act on what they were talking about.

Huber later added that no teachers would be fired.