Teachers Reveal How They Deal With Students That Have Crushes On Them


Come on, admit it, we all had at least one teacher who we had a crush on at some point during school, but did they know and how did they feel about it?

As a teenager (as far as I can remember) hormones, crushes, anxiety, the crippling desire to fit in and get through school without making a complete twat of yourself all prey on your mind on a daily basis.

Students getting crushes on their teachers is incredibly common but the important thing is, of course, how the adults in the position of responsibility deal with their students’ misplaced affections.

You don’t have to look far for examples of educators who definitely haven’t behaved ‘professionally’ when it comes to their students but the majority take their role incredibly seriously.

Someone posed the question ‘Have you ever noticed a student’s crush on you? and how did you deal with it?’ to Reddit and a whole host of teachers responded with their tales of awkwardness.

Here’s some of the best…

All very responsible, I think we can agree. To be honest it sounds like most of the time it’s the parents that are the problem…

It’s only a matter of time before your pet ends up on the stove from the sound of that one…