Ted Cruz Mocked For Comparing Real CIA Agent To Jason Bourne

by : Hannah Smith on : 05 May 2021 11:53
Ted Cruz Mocked For Comparing Real CIA Agent To Jason BournePA/Universal Pictures

Ted Cruz has been taking flack on social media after complaining that a real CIA agent was ‘a long way from Jason Bourne’.

The Texas senator made the comment in response to a video posted by the intelligence agency in which an officer explains how she learned to embrace her identity as a Latina woman, even though she initially felt she didn’t fit the mold of a typical CIA spy.


The woman describes how her parents left everything behind to come to the United States, a country which gave her the opportunity to become a ‘proud first generation Latina and officer at the CIA,’

‘I used to struggle with imposter syndrome, but at 36 I refuse to internalise misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be,’ the woman says, urging women from all backgrounds to ‘command your space’.

It’s an empowering message, right?


Well, Ted Cruz didn’t seem to think so. Rather than celebrating the diversity of America’s best and brightest, Cruz mocked the agent’s story, tweeting ‘If you’re a Chinese communist, or an Iranian Mullah, or Kim Jong Un… would this scare you? We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne.’

It’s fair to say Cruz’s message didn’t go down too well, with people roundly panning the senator for his outdated views. Many users also couldn’t help but notice that Cruz seemed to be confusing a fictional movie character for a real life CIA spy.

Happy to help out, people tweeted at him to let him know of his mistake, with one user saying ‘You know Jason Bourne is fictional right? The CIA have to recruit real people.’ Another replied ‘Good point about how we’ve come a long way from movies.’

Ted Cruz wearing a Texas flag mask (PA)PA Images

Others joked that the US should try bringing other fictional spies back into the fold, posting :’Excellent point. Have you thought about bringing in Jack Ryan to set the agency straight?’

Cruz’s tweet drew so much ridicule that Jason Bourne ended up trending on Twitter, forcing the senator to try and set the record straight by saying ‘my point is that CIA agents should be bad-asses—not woke, fragile flowers needing safe spaces.’ But unfortunately for the Senator, the damage was already done.

‘This kinda screams toxic masculinity…’ one user replied, with another writing ‘I don’t think ‘scaring people’ should really be our national character.’


But it was also pointed out that Cruz’s response might have answered his own question, with one person saying ‘it seems to scare you, Ted, so we’re assuming it might scare other authoritarian types’.

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    If you’re a Chinese communist, or an Iranian Mullah, or Kim Jong Un...would this scare you?