Teen Arrested For Posting Seriously Dark Meme As A Joke


A memelord found himself in hot water with the law when a dark meme – that he thought was extra spicy – turned out to be just extra bad taste. 

Reddit user The Shickness confessed to his fuck up on Reddit where he admitted that seven months ago he was arrested for posting a particularly dark meme on Twitter.

The Shickness was travelling home from a college open day when he posted a meme featuring the Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold along with the caption ‘Me when I come home from school’.

The meme in question

According to The Shickness he was well known for his dark humour so he thought nothing more about his attempt at a joke and made his way to work.

As he made his way home that night though he realised that he may have fucked up a little when a police car followed him all the way home and officers got out to ask him a few questions.

Following a thorough search of his room for any weapons, to confirm he wasn’t planning a high school massacre, he tried to explain to the police it was just a joke and deleted the tweet.


But the damage had been done, and Shickness’ principal was soon on the phone telling him not to go to school tomorrow, instead he was to go to the school office for a meeting.

Arriving at school the next day, Shickness quickly realised how badly he’d fucked up. There were police officers around the school and he was immediately suspended, plus he had to attend an expulsion hearing.

Shickness explained his thoughts at the time:

I became nearly hysterical, as I am a relatively prominent student and had never had any major disciplinary action brought down upon me, and all of this over a fucking meme? There was no way this was happening to me.

Things continued to get worse for Shickness when detectives arrived and informed him he was being charged with making ‘terroristic threats and disturbing the peace’.

Shickness was put under house arrest and not allowed to leave his home for a month. Thanks to his exemplary behaviour before his arrest though Shickness was only given six months probation and 25 hours community service.

The school decided not to expel him for his ‘joke’ as well.

He’s now settling back into a relatively normal life but let this be a lesson kids – don’t do memes unless you can handle them.